Fairgrounds by Ron Coons


Six county fairs, five states, and over four years
in the making, “Fairgrounds” photographs will
bring you a true sense of small town America,
and the experience of the county fair.

"You can almost hear the screams from the rides, 
smell the animals, and taste the funnel cakes..."

78 pages, Premium Paper



A collection of personal photographs,
made over seven years, exclusively with the
Sony Mavica FD71.

40 pages, Premium Paper

The Americans...Too by Ron Coons

The Americans...Too

This book is my personal homage to Robert Frank, for giving me the inspiration to create my own book in the shadow of his great work, fifty years later.

74 pages, Premium Paper


East Side of the River


The musicians, writers, painters, photographers, and artists came to live, work, and play here. They stayed against many odds, and ended up building a community. The iconic and thought provoking portraiture from John Partipilo, interlaced with the classic architecture, modern color, and treasures lost years ago by Ron Coons. These photographs bring back memories, and freeze in time, the building of the neighborhood of East Nashville, Tennessee.